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Ted Cruz Positions

Ted Cruz Busted On Secret Tape Admitting That His Core Positions Are Fake | 12.23.15 |"In a secret recording, Ted Cruz admitted that he doesn’t really believe what he is trying to sell to Republican voters…Ted Cruz’s top priority has always been advancing his own career, so it isn’t much of a surprise that the positions that he is selling Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina aren’t the same as what he is telling people behind closed doors. Ted Cruz is a fake."


On the eve of the New Hampshire primary, Donald Trump repeats an offensive remark from the crowd, drawing attention to rival Ted Cruz’s position on waterboarding

from the Guardian

Trump repeats crowd member's 'pussy' insult as New Hampshire votes

On the eve of the primary, Donald Trump repeated an offensive remark from a member of the crowd about Ted Cruz’s position on waterboarding

from CNN

The long, strange trip to 2016 election

March 19: Not all the Republican contenders were able to come to terms with Trump as the presumptive nominee after Super Tuesday (Ted Cruz would bite at his ankles for months afterward before grudgingly endorsing him), but Ben Carson and GOP hanger-on Sarah Palin stepped right up to support him -- and Chris Christie quickly assumed the toady position. He remains there at this writing.

In a Senate hearing, Ted Cruz uses classic climate denier arguments to try to get Sierra Club President Aaron Mair to change his position on climate change