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Climate Scientists Grade the Candidates, and Ted Cruz Flunks

When asked why climate change existed republican Ted Cruz said it was so the trees knew when to let their leaves fall off.

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PolitiFact | Sen. Ted Cruz says premiums have gone 'up and up and up' for 'virtually every person'

Ted Cruz the only one in DC with BRAINS AND GUTS for the people! 2nd Amendment Right is the foundation of America! @retweetngro

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"Ted Cruz Pledges Support For Constitutional Amendment Banning Birth Control." I told you sooooo. That has ALWAYS been the goal of the antichoice movement.

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TED CRUZ for SALE. If there's one thing TX knows how to produce, its political crooks and cronies. Thanks TX for this one...he's a gem!

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Funniest Ted Cruz Memes

A roundup of humorous memes and captioned photos poking fun at Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz.: Ted Cruz vs. Grandpa Munster

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Who Is Ted Cruz? Find out fun and facts in this infographic.

Who Is Ted Cruz [Infographic]

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