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Dreaming in Indian : contemporary Native American voices / edited by Lisa Charleyboy and Mary Beth Leatherdale. Location:FNUNIV Northern Operations Centre Call Number: N 2014

The Best YA Books of 2014. Ohmigosh ive read or want to read *almost* every one of these

The Best YA Books of 2014

The Best YA Books of I need to understand some good books to read this summer! Because right now I am re-reading vampire academy for the time

Better Off Friends - Elizabeth Eulberg || I adored this book! So cute, adorable, fun, and totally relatable!

Better Off Friends by Elizabeth Eulberg

Better Off Friends / Elizabeth Eulberg "Macallan and Levi are best friends from the first day they meet in seventh grade, but over the years their close friendship keeps interfering with their dating life because everyone else regards them as a couple.

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YA RETELLINGS - An epic chart brought to you by EpicReads! 162 YA retellings of fairy tales, myths, classics, and Shakespeare. As you scroll down the page it's broken down book-by-book. I could spend an hour or more here.

Books & Education: I like Marji also like to read, but I do not read the same books as her, I am more interested in books that involve action, love, and mysteries, which are what most teen girls are into. Another thing that I have in common with Marji, is that I also go to an all girl school.

Teen Books 2012: Top 10 Young Adult Fiction Novels of the Year

50 Books Like Divergent

50 books like Divergent

50 Books Like Divergent - read a bunch of these and loved them! A lot of the ones I hadn& read were on my book list, and the few that weren& are going there! :D

Panic - Book Review

Panic - Book Review

Lauren Oliver’s dystopia trilogy Delirium was awesome, so I was excited to pick up her latest YA novel. Panic is a high-stakes game played by the graduating senior class in a small town.

'Since You've Been Gone' by Morgan Matson -- looks like a good book to read one day. Click for the description.

'Since You've Been Gone' by Morgan Matson

SINCE YOU'VE BEEN GONE. Quiet Emily's sociable and daring best friend, Sloane, has disappeared leaving nothing but a random list of bizarre tasks for her to complete, but with unexpected help from popular classmate Frank Porter, Emily gives them a try.

From Teen Vogue: The Best YA Books You Should Read This Fall

The Best YA Books You Should Read This Fall

Anatomy of a Misfit by Andrea Portes. The third most popular girl in school's choice between the hottest boy in town and a lonely but romantic misfit ends in tragedy and self-realization.