Fun stuff. This would terrify me, but I would do it to face my fears.

sit on the roof and watch the sunset. i think watching the sunrise would be really cool too.

The Teen Bucket List.. Can't wait! Going to get my learners license soon :D

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I want to say primrose and then when they call my name say I volunteer and tribute and walk out.

I've had chances to do this, yet I've been too scared though I wasn't too scared to swing on a rope when there wasn't any water...I'm just weird like that. Of course, the fact that I got rope burn when my hands slid down the rope doesn't make me more eager to swing on more ropes, water or no water. yup. that's how I am.

Swing on a rope into water. DONE. I wasn't going to pin this one, but then I went to a lake and there was a rope hanging from a tree. so I did it!

The Teen Bucket List

The Teen Bucket List- since I have saw it on icarly I have always wondered what they taste like! Soooo I made them. Check that off the bucket list ✔

Check!! Over vacation I swam in the dark at night. The pool had lights around the edges, so it wasn't completely dark.

The Teen Bucket List (TheTeen_BucketList) on We Heart It- accomplished:)


Ziplining into the ocean, Los Cabos, Mexico. ziplining is on my bucket list!

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“ Send a letter to a random address and see if they write back.

The Teen Bucket List

i need to see and photograph the northern lights. we were going to in minnesota but it wasn't a good night for them. i must see them before i die.

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Bucket list \\ sleep in a trampolin // I DID THIS omg it was so cool only we woke up at bc of all the birds