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Young Justice: Season 3 teaser poster. I'm actually crying right now

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hayk-manukyan: My latest dance animation for season 3 of Teen Titans GO! See if you can recognize some of them.

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Teen Titans: Seasons 1-5 (DVD) by DC Comics

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Robin actually had panic attacks after the Apprentice Arc and would spend a few minutes breathing into a paper bag after such nightmares, once he stopped screaming. After he woke up screaming “Zwe Cur Rao”, which prompted Superman to punch a rather large whole in Robin’s room after hearing the distress call, Robin agreed to therapy out of sheer mortification of the incident.

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gosh I miss them when they were younger. And I thought I wanted them to grow up... Can we just all agree season 2 never happened? (except for a few Spitfire gifs?) ALSO THAT'S JUST BEFORE WE LOST HIM. OH WALLY WHYYYY

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...the dude on my left doesn't agree. Guys don't forget! If we all binge Young Justice seasons 1&2 on Netflix we may actually be able to spark interest in a season 3! Also if you haven't seen it already definitely check the series out - I highly recommend it. It's the best backdoor Justice League cartoon ever. Lol. Don't be like the dude on my left. Bring back YJ! Do it for the team! --- Also episode 6 of Blerd Vision is live: Last week we reviewed Creed discussed Zoom's badassery on the…

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