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I'm going to miss Allison, but I'm also going to miss the archery part of this show. I always loved seeing all the different bows and styles on Teen Wolf and I hope that doesn't go away entirely with her character.

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Her dad should have stuck to this code. Broke my heart when he didn't recite this when his latino family came back to indoctrinate "We hunt those that hunt us"

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Teen Wolf. The most creative show in a long time in my humble opinion. The pretty boys are great too.

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I don't hate Malia, but I hate Stalia. I mean, I feel like the writers just threw her in there because they were lost. She is a good, strong, and confident woman, which is great.

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Scott & Allison || Teen Wolf [I really liked Allison she was awesome and I miss her too but it's really sad that after season 6 there will be no more teen wolf

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scallison, scott and allison, teen wolf. That's when Scott was going to go full wolf on the teacher. In a way I wish he did

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