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"My parents believe that I'm the only teenager that: Is lazy, stays up late, has a messy room, lives on their laptop & constantly texting."

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17 Confessions That Prove Being A Teenager Isn't Always Easy

Very true. I get told you're a "grown up" 10 mins later "You're just a Kid" im totally keeping this in mind for when i have kids

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Pretty much, I start with about 20 pens and by the following week I'm like, can I "borrow" a pen please :) xx

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17 Confessions That Prove Being A Teenager Isn't Always Easy

I got in trouble for not cleaning out my pets cage but I did all the chores yesterday and today and I was working on homework. I'm like MOM DAD STOP PRESSURING ME IM 13 THIS IS THE PART WHERE IM EVEN MORE CONFUSED AND STRESSED AND INSECURE THE LAST THING I NEED IS FOR YOU TO YELL AT ME FOR THE ONE THING I DIDNT DO

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.........I feel like my deepest, darkest secrets are being revealed in "teenager posts".......

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Teenager Posts...more like my daily adult life

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Taking off your headphones and checking how loud your music is,because you think it might be too loud.

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Teenager Posts

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This just may be a good thing XD

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Brings back memories of those days in Business Law at UNCG!!! Although it was not reading out loud in class but answering the questions!! LOL Teenagers Related Posts

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