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when you stop telling lies about me, i will stop telling the truth about you, got it! generally, when a man is drinking a 1.75 liter bottle of whiskey every day and half, that makes you an alcoholic psychopath! the burleson bank is closed to you forever!!!!!!!!! and your nasty ugly bitches next door!! what a couple of nasty ugly bitches!


Amen! Sometimes it is hard not to be insulted if people really expect me to believe their lies. Then it dawned on me...their the idiot telling the lie not me.


No secrets and lies kill relationships. No matter how careful you are, you will get caught - Relationships Quotes

Wow, u still try to make people hate me. I have stayed out of your life since that day. Try to start staying out of mine. And stop telling her lies, I haven't spoken her name since the day you walked away, and leave my so out of it he is not a toy


When it comes to relationships, telling lies secures the beginning of the end. But what about being economical with the truth? Is that the same thing?

Always wanting to blame other people for your failures. And telling people I'm afraid of you, won't answer your calls/texts?? Really bitch? Keep telling those lies if you need to sleep at night. We both know your weak, insecure ass doesn't have the balls to call/text me ever again because you really don't want to know the truth about how many other girls there were. You just want to pretend and play victim.

Dear gossipers, thank you for slandering my name, telling lies on me and talking about me behind my back to make yourself look good. I'm touched. God said he would make my name great. Keep up the good work.