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How many times have you been camping and you've had a few too many cocktails by the fire and ended up tripping on the support ropes or stakes that are holding your tent down? For me it's at least once...

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Put small solar lights by your tent stakes....brilliant! - I just started doing this! ;-) Simple & genius, also tie surveyor's tape on the guide wires. I can't believe I hadn't thought of this earlier...

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Rain Tarp Design

This is similar to what we did at the Camporee, except I had to drape it over the tent & stake the tarp out because we didn't have the extra two trees. It still worked well & we were dry. We had a nice vestibule at the door.

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Tent stake marker

Mark tent stakes or a pathway with bottles and glowsticks. Coat the inside of the bottles with salt for better light diffusion.

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Too much sun? Seek shelter under a vibrant canopy.

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29 Insanely Clever Products That Will Make You Want To Go Camping

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PVC Light pole: Take 3" toilet flange for the base, 3" to a 2" reducer, 2" piece of pipe for what ever height you choose, a pole mount light fixture, a 3 wire extention cord (male plug on one end) and wire the other into the light. If you want to have a flag or sign on your light, you can use a 2" T with a 2" to a 1" reducer, then a short piece of 1" pipe with a cap. Before you paint it, use sandpaper to rough up the surface. We use tent stakes to anchor it to keep it from falling over.

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Hubba Hubba NX | <p>Designed for backpackers who need a tent that can do it all while still being compact and lightweight, our bestselling MSR Hubba Hubba 2-person tent feels as light and efficient to use as it does to carry. From its optimized, symmetrical geometry and non-tapered floor that maximize space, down to its integrated, adjustable stake-out loops that speed setup, this tent redefines lightweight livability. Whether youre setting out to climb the Sawatch Range or circumnavigate…

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Use the leg from an old pair of jeans to make a sturdy bag to store roasting sticks for campfires

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