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Eigengrau (German: “intrinsic gray” / literally: “own gray”), also called Eigenlicht (“intrinsic light”), dark light, or brain gray, is the uniform dark gray background that many people report seeing in the absence of light. The term dates back to the nineteenth century, but has rarely been used in recent scientific publications. Nowadays, the phenomenon is more commonly referred to as “visual noise” or “background adaptation”.

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Summer Fun Ideas for Teens Bucket Lists

Make a Memories Album | Summer Fun Ideas for Teens Bucket Lists

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15 Date Night Ideas That Don't Break the Bank 15 Date Night Ideas that are affordable and fun.

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my friend calls her boyfriend her "beau-hunk"

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Should You Eat Expired Foods?

Should You Eat Expired Foods? A handy guide to understanding the dates you see on the boxes.

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Learn Korean love and dating phrases with an infographic!

*Click picture for a closer view of the romanization* I got this idea from a fan (didn't want me to publicize their name but thanks!). This might be helpful especially for those of you who a...

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Sandy Soul :: Salty Skin :: White Sand :: Beach Body :: Summer Vibes :: Free your Wild :: Lover of Sun, Sand + Salt Water Inspiration @loverofficial

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Rooms We Love: Libraries & Studies

A beautiful room filled with books, a grand piano, comfortable sofa, a nearby table for a drink of choice, flowers and art. What else does one need? | Rooms We Love: Libraries & Studies - 1stdibs Introspective

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The Mayan ruins of Lamanai Belize once belonged to a sizable Mayan city in the Orange Walk District. "Lamanai" comes from the Maya term for "submerged crocodile", a nod to the toothy reptiles who live along the banks of the New River. Lamanai Belize jungle, which brims with exotic birds and hydrophilic iguanas. There is evidence on Mayan life that dates from about 1500 B.C. through Postclassic (A.D. 950-1544) and Spanish colonial times (A.D. 1544-1700)

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What Expiration Dates Really Mean

Expiration Dates, Explained - Here’s some food for thought: Expiration dates refer to quality and freshness of food, not safety. (Yep, that’s a shocker!) So even if a food item passes its expiration date, that item could technically still be safe to eat. We dug a little deeper to find out what different types of “expiration” dates really indicate, and if they can be useful for consumers.

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