Awesome Star Wars Terrariums Are Awesome And For Sale

19th-century Wardian Case (terrarium greenhouse) There was one going to be sold at an estate sale. The first person in bought it. Sigh.

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7″x6″ cylinder vase with a Haworthia fasciata splendens, a Pachyveria opalina, a tiny Aloe variegata “Pheasant Breast Aloe” and a manzanita branch

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Whether you make terrariums for your home or for gifts, these petite gardens are sure to be a hit. Planting is simple, and twine, a leaf, and a sweet fabric flower add a pretty finishing touch. Step by step instructions:

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star wars Vielleicht kommt ja noch eine Aquariumtaugliche Episode hinzu, Mr. Lucas.
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Large Glass Terrariums for Sale | 18 Photos of the How to Choose Beautiful Terrariums for Sale

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Teapot succulent planter - Found this teapot at a garage sale and planted some hens & chicks along with some Athoum sedum. I attached the plastic crystals to the inside of the pot by attaching the string with outdoor silicone. After watering, the excess water runs out the spout, so no need for drainage holes. DML 5/2014

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