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The killer feature of Tesla's Powerwall is the price

The Tesla Powerwall is a big battery. You mount it on your wall, and you have power even when other power fails.

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Tesla Motors: Every millimeter of Model S is designed to reduce drag. The door handles are no exception. When not in use, the handles retract into the body, streamlining airflow. When a driver approaches the vehicle with the key, the handles slide out and unlatch with a simple touch.

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BMW i8 Model Overview I Reviews - BMW i8 Price, Photos, and Specs Top Ge...

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2018 Tesla Model 3 Will Be The Most Affordable EV -

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How the Tesla Turbine Works

"Tesla Turbine Operation" - Rather than using blades and friction, the Tesla Turbine uses parallel, closely spaced disks that tap viscosity. Aerodynamic skin adhesion effect resists fluid or gas flow between plates, resulting in energy transfer to the shaft. The technology has been proven to work but is yet to break into marketplace in a cost-effective version.

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2016 Tesla Model S Review, Ratings, Specs, Prices, and Photos - The Car Connection

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ThinkGeek :: Warehouse 13 Tesla Artisan Hero Prop - got really excited by this (then saw the price and pouted)

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2018 Tesla Roadster - Review, Price, Interior -

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