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JFK, Howard Hughes, Barak Epstein... and a brightly lit sign that spelled T-E-X-A-S! Dallas, Texas. #WeHaveEverythingHere


SCOTT COOLEY - an orphan adopted by rancher Tim Williamson, he later joined Texas Rangers and became well respected lawman, feared due to his relentless pursuit of outlaws. In 1875, Williamson was falsely arrested and killed by lynch mob while under protection of a local deputy. In revenge, Cooley rode up to and shot, then scalped the deputy - event marked the beginning of what would be called the "Hoodoo War" of Mason County. Rangers protected Cooley who later disappeared into history.


Stonehenge 2 in Kerrville Texas. Been here, got arrested for under age drinking, done that! HAHAHA


Texas Ranger Captain's badge ... found in a garden in Navasota in 1999; a rare and sought-after collector's item, of historical value, estimated to be worth upwards to a thousand dollars. Not only was it a rare captain's badge, but it had the name of the Ranger Captain right on the front of it, that of M. E. Bailey. Bailey is known for having once captured four Mexican Revolutionary Generals, all at one time, who were in south Texas recruiting for Pancho Villa.


Big Tree, Kiowa warrior. Photo taken after his arrest for his role in the Warren Wagon Train massacre. Sentenced to hang along with Satanta and Satank. His death sentence was commuted by Gov. Davis and he was released after two years imprisonment at Huntsville ... later converted to Christianity, became a member of the Baptist Church where he served as a deacon for thirty years.


Serving and protecting my land. Most powerful law enforcement official in TX. Can stop you anytime, anywhere for any reason. No probable cause needed.


Josiah Horner (Sept 15, 1849 – Sept 27, 1927) "Frank M. Canton" was a famous lawman, gunslinger, cowboy & an outlaw. In 1871, he started robbing banks & rustling cattle. In 1874, he got into a gunfight with two Buffalo Soldiers, killing one & wounding the other. In 1877, he was arrested for robbing a bank in Texas. He escaped from custody & moved to Ogallala, & took up a herd of cattle. While in Nebraska, he officially changed his name & vowed to give up his outlaw ways.


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I will not obey enemies of The Constitution, foreign or Obama.........SO TRUE.....LOVE THIS ONE


Billy Wilson (1862-1918). Alias for David Lawrence Anderson. Rode with Billy following the Lincoln County War. Ohio native, moved with his family to South Texas and became a cowboy. Moved to White Oaks in 1879, owned a livery stable. Sold the stable in 1880, but received counterfeit money, and was arrested for passing fake currency. Forced to go on the run, teamed up with Billy the Kid and Dave Rudabaugh, and became a rustler. Arrested and tried, escaped to Texas and became a rancher and…