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Seventh stop - As a history enthusiast, I absolutely must visit (and remember) the Alamo. I'm sure there will be some other fun stuff to do in San Antonio, too.


A snowy battleship USS Texas (BB-35). The snowy scene of the No. 4 Turret shows the long base range finder mounted on the back of the turret and the 3AA battery on the wing platforms.


1st Texas Battle flag also lost at Sharpsburg, Maryland September 17, 1862 residing in the Texas State Library and Archives


The oldest known photograph of the #Alamo in 1849 in San Antonio, Texas. It's a daguerreotype photo. It was taken 13 years after the battle. This photograph is at the University of Texas in Austin in the center of American history../ qw


John Bell Hood, born in Kentucky, graduated West Point in 1853. Hood's Texas Brigade charged and broke the union position at Gaines' Mill, but at the price of every field officer in the brigade, except for him, being killed or wounded. He would fight in most of the large battles of the war and would eventually command the Army of the Tennesee during the disastrous Franklin and Nashville Campaign. Hood would end the war with only 1 good arm and 1 leg and he died in 1879 of yellow fever.


1st Texas Infantry, Hood's Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia (ANV) pattern battle flag (classic Saint Andrews cross on red field)


Flag of the 9th Texas Infantry - This regiment was mustered into service on Dec. 1, 1861, at Camp Rusk, Lamar County, TX. It consisted of men from the counties of Collin, Fannin, Grayson, Hopkins,Lamar, Red River, and Titus. The first commander was Colonel Sam B. Maxey. The 9th Texas served initially in the Army of the Mississippi, and then in the Army of Tennessee. Major battles included Shiloh, Murfreesboro, Chickamauga, the Atlanta Campaign, Allatoona, Nashville, and Spanish Fort.