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This is so neat. You upload a picture of yourself, and then add words and it makes this sort of thing. If we took the pictures and the computer teacher would let us do this in the computer lab, this could be really interesting. Maybe as a scrapbook accompaniment to the 8th grade project??


As we spend more and more hours seated, driving, texting, in front of computers and any other activity that forces us to develop bad posture, it seems that more and more of us start developing pain in the lower back and neck. I have good news for all of you! Yoga is the solution as it helps us to stretch and build strength from deep within, including not only our muscles but also the joins and ligaments, which ultimate it helps us to develop better posture as we keep the mechanics of the…

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How to Format Text to Fit a Shape in Microsoft Word

Heart Shaped Words for Valentines Day Card - How to make your words into a shape using Microsoft Word.

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5 Ways to Text From Your Laptop

Misplace or break your phone? No cell signal? Have no fear: here's how you can still text away with a computer via Wi-Fi.

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The Question Board Classroom Management FREEBIE!

Are your students forgetting your routines or asking a zillion questions? Mine were! Until I tried this... Question Board! Classroom management for too many questions (Free- consider it a gift from my sanity to yours ;) )