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Biarritz Cover Up Dress

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Up at the Friend ship bridge in Nongkhai  North Thailand.

Rice and Ducks  Never see them before come into the rice fieldsat our house.

The best thing you can do is be kind and help others. Nothing is more easythan helping others that are in need of help.We can learn a lot from helping one another for sure.

Here is a flash from the past Mustang

Happy weekend and have a nice time

Chiang Khan old house and shops  its in a district in the northern part of Loei Province, northeastern Thailand.

from Following our Feet


Chiang Mai is one of the nicest cities you will find in Thailand but some activities can be a bit a pricey. Check out this guide if you are travelling on a budget!


Thailand Children have no fear what so ever and just go for it.We would be looking for reasons not to do ,not the case in Thailand. They show no fear at allWelcome to Thailand friends and see lots more of Thai Culture.

When it Rains in no big deal in Thailand