When you in your groove and doing a good job and that one bitch that ruins the morale for everyone.

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Print these FISH! Thank You cards and let someone know how much you appreciate them practicing The FISH! Philosophy.

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twinkle twinkle little star how i want to hit you with a carrrrrrrr! thank you thank you very much HHAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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You understand the true pleasure + entertainment value of watching drama unfold on Facebook. | 28 Signs You Are Modern-Day Mean Girl

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Manners are important: this is actually a thing in Chinese culture. My grandfather in America for university, came back to China to visit his mother, and said thank you when she served him dinner. She then proceeded to yell at him for doing so. "What do you mean thank you! I am your mother!" In China, saying thank you is usually only for strangers, and the translation for the proper response to a 'thank you' in Chinese is "do not thank."

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To all the women that need to keep strong after a breakup! Where he gonna go? https://dezaro.wordpress.com/2015/09/17/other-girls-vs-me/

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