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how could you take away my life like that

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When you in your groove and doing a good job and that one bitch that ruins the morale for everyone.

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38 Amazing Motivational And Inspirational Quotes

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Thank you Namjoonie Oppa

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Well, the reason this guy fails the exam won't be the professor's lectures. You're paying for an education--pay attention.

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I'm sorry, this is an odd rule...don't touch me & if I'm dying really don't touch me to save my life?!

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Example of Heteronormativity: pretending lesbian relationships are just girls who are good friends and entirely platonic. And I literally saw someone yesterday who claimed heteronormativity isn't real. Of course you wouldn't think it's real, it's so ingrained in society no one ever notices it unless they're outside the "norm".

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"Why is there even a setting "9" on toasters? Are people just like "Yeah, I'll have some buttered ash for breakfast.""

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It's okay Grant, you can never have too many fries.

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Going to bed late because of youtube

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