Woman Whose Mom Abandoned Her in a Burger King 27 Years Ago: Thanks Giving Me Life http://www.lifenews.com/2014/03/06/woman-whose-mom-abandoned-her-in-a-burger-king-27-years-ago-thanks-giving-me-life/

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Just give her a kiss. Wish her good luck. And, thank her for showing you that you can love more than one person in this life. ― Before We Go.

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{I am frequently visiting other blogs and I’m always amazed at the talent and passion that I see along the way. Since I love sharing these new “finds” with you, I created Sew Thankful Sunday. My way of giving back to the quilting community and sharing great content with you at the same time!} I’m…

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The vibe of this transitional multipurpose room is relaxed and inviting thanks to a blend of contemporary furniture, rustic accents and industrial finishes. A dartboard and foosball table offer fun gaming options, while a TV stands at the ready for movie night. A neutral color palette gives the room an open feel. This room was a winner in HGTV's 2014 Fresh Faces of Design Awards.

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Blessings unto thine and thee~ On this hallowed Samhain Eve~ Salute the moon and stars on high~ Thanks to Mother Earth and to Father Sky~ Face the North, South, West and East~ Honour the spirits with a feast~ Smile at goblins, heroes and beasts~ Stoke the fires, give lots of treats~ Most of all, or at very least~ Have lots of fun this Halloween!~~ So more it be 3x3x3~ Love from me to all of you~ Your fairy witch, Eriu ✨

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Check out Thanks Giving Lunch & Dinner Party by Green Leaf Food & Wine in SUNOCO on Wednesday 26th November, 2014

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