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@pingu0213's photo: "#Passiontree #yogurt #icecream #delicious#friends #aus #Australia #Brisbane #city The yogurt Ice-cream was so delicious for me I like to took a holiday with my friends . Thanks my friends"

True friends are rear True friends are truly rear, Because you know that they are always there, Whenever you need them the most So, I would like to raise a toast, On our friendship in life Thanks my friend for being there, In my smiles and strives!

Thank You for all the get well wishes :) ... I feel a lot better, though still a bit 'up' and "down", so I'll just be flickring when I can for a while. A special Thanks to Liz (crime scene), one of my first flickr contacts, and one of the nicest friends I've made here. I just wanted to say how sorry I am for your recent loss ... and how much I appreciate your support over the past couple of days despite this. Thanks my friend.