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That's My Mama is an American television sitcom that was originally broadcast on the ABC network from September 4, 1974 until December 24, 1975. There are 39 episodes of this series.

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((Be him. Smut!!)) He called me when I was at work and I immediately ran to go pick up my son. Little did I know, that when I bent over to pick up my kid, he was checking out my ass and thinking, "I want mommy too ..." ((No fandoms))

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How to Make Trim Healthy Mama "Stick" in 2017

This post might include affiliate links for products that I know and LOVE! By using these links, you help support my blog and give me the opportunity to create awesome free content as I receive a small percentage of each purchase. Please know that your price never changes and that every opinion expressed is my [...]

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This was my conversation with my mom when we watched Love Actually. She was in shock. She said he must have a disease or something lol! Then from there on she calls him "that little leprechaun boy"

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Airbus, flown on most of them EXCEPT for the Big Mama A380 and the A340 variants...Don't think I've been on that one. Definitely want to fly a 380 for my next trip back to Germany.

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I love my Mom whole bunches! Don't know what I would do without her!

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Strawberry Good Girl Moonshine (FP)

If you follow Trim Healthy Mama (THM), then you definitely know about Good Girl Moonshine (GGMS)! GGMS is absolutely delicious and has many great health benefits. My favorite kind of drinks. I had ...

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When I was lil I use to kiss frogs all the time. I reckon it's a step up from kissin' worms for 'good luck' for my mama 'n daddy 'fore baitin'. My mama said it wasn't a 'legal' catch if I couldn't hold the frog long enough to kiss 'em. When ya kiss a frog, ya DON'T get a prince ... ya get a frog that's been kissed 'n a mama who's entertained. Ahhhhhh ... 'revenge' is sooooo SWEET lol ... mama didn't raise no fool :D

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