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The Amazon

High up in the Amazon Basin, the San Rafael Falls in Ecuador pour into one of the Amazon’s mountain tributaries. (Dr. Morley Read / Shutters...

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Bucket list sit in a giant lily pad on the amazon River. It's terrifying yet exciting all at the same time!

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Butterflies In The Amazon

Butterflies In The Amazon - This (along with so many innumerable reasons) is why the rain forests are so important. We are destroying so much of our world that we could lose things like this in our lifetime. That's too fast for the Earth to compensate.

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"Meeting of the waters," where the Amazon River meets the Rio Negro in Brazil.

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This Floating Hotel Is Styling Up The Amazon // Travel company Aqua Expeditions collaborated with Peruvian architect Jordi Puig, to create the Aria Amazon, a 5 star river cruise ship.

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#stop the deforestation of the Amazon! Sleeping jaguar in the Amazon Brazil heights | via O Enoquinho

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The Amazing Amazon Milk Frog

First found in Brazil's Maracanã River, the Amazon Milk Frog can be yours should you be able to bring that Brazilian humidity to its cage every day!

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Chachapoya culture tombs on the edge of the Amazon in Peru. The Inca called them the "Warriors Of The Clouds" because of the high jungle in which they lived...see Brien Foerster on Facebook

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