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Portrait at Kinfauns February 1968 - Portrait taken by Ringo Starr of Pattie and George. posing on elephants they brought home from India in 1966, for the official Beatles biography. From, The Beatles, by Hunter Davies, pub. 1968. SOURCE of scan is the Something About Pattie Boyd group at Yahoo!


Right off, I could see John was checking this kid out,” says Pete Shotton, who was standing behind John, off to the side. “Paul came on as very attractive, very loose, very easy, very confident - wildly confident. He played the guitar well. I could see that John was very impressed. - From The Beatles: The Biography, by Bob Spitz

from the Guardian

Paul McCartney: The Biography by Philip Norman – digested read

John Crace reduces this exhaustive biography of the Beatles legend to a pitch perfect (and smooth-legged) 700 words