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Designed by the owners especially for themselves. Not too big, not too small, perfect inside and out. One of my fav blogs!

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THE BIG RED ONE (1980) - Find it in our catalog:

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Autumn Blaze Maple~ Need a fast growing tree? Then this the one for you. It can push up to 2 feet a year without becoming weak-wooded. Fall color is a brilliant red.

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23 Struggles Kids Today Will Never Know Or Understand

I watched all of these!! What is the second one on the top though cuz I know I have seen it but what is it called omg

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How To Pack A Carry-On Like A Pro!

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Sand Ceremony Symbolism It represents the individual lives of the bride and groom. They have retained their unique identities and personalities. Yet, it is virtually impossible to define the exact point where one layer ends and the next begins -- the grains of sand can never be separated. Strong and beautiful representation of the "two becoming one" concept that has resonated with couples all over the world. YES

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The Most Majestic Locations People Have Caught Pokémon Mitchell Falls – Located in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. The collective height is approximately 80m making it the 2nd tallest waterfall in the state. The spectacular backdrop of the red cliff lands of the Mitchell Plateau and the oasis-like qualities around the falls actually makes this one stand out, and one of the big highlights of our time spent in WA. The highpoint of the Mitchell Plateau is the amazing Mitchell F...

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The text's nonintimidating, gentle tone, paired with playful, bright, and inviting illustrations, is certain to inspire a more in-depth discussion in the classroom or during one-on-one sharing about bullying…Caregivers and educators will appreciate the constructive message that this fractured fairy tale has to offer on the subject of bullying. —School Library Journal

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