The Birdcage (1996) Longtime lovers Armand and Albert own a Miami drag club, but when Armand's son announces his intent to marry the daughter of a stuffy U.S. senator, the gay couple feels compelled to pass themselves off as a "normal" family in this wild farce. Robin Williams, Gene Hackman, Nathan Lane, Dianne Wiest..5a

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The Birdcage

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The Birdcage is my Go-To pick me up movie. Always makes me happy. Just look at Agador Spartucus

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The Birdcage (Robin Williams, Nathan Lane) - 59% - A quality Robin Williams comedy with a great performance from the incomparable Nathan Lane.

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Hank Azaria realized shortly into filming that he had actually based the voice of Agador Spartacus after his grandmother’s. | 19 Things You Didn't Know About The Movie "The Birdcage"

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Nathan Lane as Albert & Robin Williams as Armand Goldman in The Birdcage. My all time favourite movie. RIP Mr Williams.

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