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I made these with the summer camp kids and they were a blast! Note to self: do not let them put glitter in the water next time! (Or do and be prepared to be covered in glitter from head to toe)


Engineering for Kids

Are you looking for an awesome engineering for kids project? This classic twist on a baking soda rocket is a fantastic way to encourage creativity and problem solving.


How to make a Simple Paper Rocket Launcher (Watch Video) This is a very simple design that will shoot a paper rocket over 50 feet. It has plenty of power. This project would make a get office toy. All you need is a 2ltr bottle, a 12 inch section of 1/2 inch PVC, and a paper rocket. The paper rockets are very easy to make. To make one, you will need a couple sheets of paper, tape, and scissors. This is a great toys for kids.


Water Bottle Flipping STEM Challenges

Water Bottle Flipping STEM Activity is a packet of five experiements your students will love! Water Bottle Flipping is the latest trend! Even though it might drive you crazy, it will engage your students in learning about collecting data, fractions, measurement, and opinion writing.