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Road Trip - lots of Places to see along the California Coast Pacific Coast: California Missions map

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Tafoni pockets are a common sight along the California Coast, but on Pebble Beach they were filled with incredible colorful, bean-sized stones - true "Jewels of the Ocean". california

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Birds of Prey - The California Condor

The California Condor is the largest North American land bird and inhabits northern Arizona and southern Utah, coastal mountains of central and southern California, and northern Baja California. The condor is a scavenger and eats large amounts of carrion. It is one of the world's longest-living birds, with a lifespan of up to 60 years.

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Survival Shelter Tutorial from The California Survival School

Survival Shelter Tutorial from The California Survival School | DIY Self Sufficiency and Preparedness Skills by Survival Life

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The Best Things To Do in Sacramento

The best things to do in Sacramento, California. Things to do, places to eat, drink and relax. The California Capital city is not to be missed.

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The Girl's Guide to a California Coast Road Trip

A stay in California wouldn’t be complete without a road trip on the Pacific Coast Highway. The iconic Hwy 1 continues along most of the California coast through to Oregon and Washington and can be enjoyed at any pace… whether it’s over the course of 1 day or 2 weeks. Road trips are one of my favorite ways to travel, and of course I love my Southern California home, so I couldn’t think of a better girl’s getaway than taking this coastal road trip!

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Camping in California: Best Tent-Only Campgrounds near the Coast

Want to go camping on the California coast, but don't want to be stuck in parking lot full of RVs? Here are the best tent-only campgrounds near the California coast. #camping #california #outdoors

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The Most Beautiful Places In Southern California

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