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Gaura 'Whirling Butterflies' (white flowers) 'Siskiyou Pink' [pink flowers] (Gaura Lindheimeri) - Zone 5-10 Full Sun-Part Shade. 2'-4' Height/Width. Herbaceous perennial with a graceful, loose, bushy habit. Orchid looking 1” flowers emerge from the top half of tall, narrow, branching stems late spring-summer. Great for hot climates and dry areas with well-drained soil. Cut back mid-summer to rebloom in fall. Propagate by seed (self-seeds) & division of clumps.


Hosta Frisian Pride (M) inspiring yellow-gold leaves reach upward, outward and back down to the ground creating a dense mound that you will see from across the garden. The edges of the leaves are rippled from the petioles down to a long pointed tip that further adds elegance to the clump


Hosta 'Risky Business' - This mutation of the wildly popular Hosta 'Striptease' boasts a pure white center (that holds all season) instead of the yellow center of its parent. Possessing the same incredible vigor, it forms a dense 2' wide clump in short order. In midsummer, the clumps are topped with 2' tall scapes of hummingbird-acclaimed violet flowers.


"Lobster Claw" - 'Heliconia rostrata.' "Also known as the False Bird of Paradise and Wild Plantain, the Lobster Claw’s cheerful flowers emerge from clumps of leaves that look like bananas. The reddish flower-like bracts actually hide the plant’s true flowers, which require birds with specialized beaks for pollination. An excellent landscape plant, the Lobster Claw can grow up to a height of 3.5’ tall and they bloom several times each year."


Himalayacalamus hookerianus 'Teague's Blue' - one of the most beautiful non-invasive clumping bamboos in the world. Taken in Rocklin, CA by Sean of Mad Man Bamboo Nursery.


How to Remove Oil Stains or Grease Stains from Clothes

1. Spray oil stains with wd-40. 2. Pile on baking soda and scrub with tooth brush. 3. Repeat (2.) until baking soda no longer clumps. 4. Apply Dawn and scrub with tooth brush; leave in as a prewash treatment. 5. Launder normally.


Iris germanica (Tall Bearded Iris). Grow from bulbs/rhizomes.There are hundreds of species with the majority blooming in spring & early summer. After 3-4 yrs. the clumps become crowded & don't bloom well. Dig them out & divide them to start new clumps.


Mr. Tumnus (Bush 2014) 28" tall, 4" bloom, 2 way branching, 10+ buds. Dor Tet. Unk x Unk Named after one of my favorite story characters. I wasn't sure what to think of it when it first bloomed. I'd not seen anything like it. The extra petal tissue is thick and solid when cut through. I have not tried to work with it in my hybridizing program so the fertility is not known. The blooms look consistently like this until the last couple of blooms on the clump. It is a very wild looking flower.


Tephrocactus geometricus is a small, globular, segmented cactus, up to 6 inches (15 cm) tall, loosely branched into small clumps. The segments are up to...