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If you enjoy grit, mud, obstacles, paths of fire and ultimately – the challenge of a lifetime – then a Spartan race is definitely for you. Take on board some of our training advice to see you through the months leading up to your Spartan race. These will prepare you on a physical level and give you a good idea of what’s to come on race day.


Bronze Ornament from a Chariot Pole 1st - 2nd century AD Roman This heavy metal ornament, decorated with the head of Medusa and inlays of silver and copper, probably comes from a currus triumphalis (ceremonial chariot) used in processions rather than a lightweight racing chariot. Source: The Metropolitan Museum


I'm not on team light or dark. I'm on team #We'reAllBlack and beautiful. Let's recognize that we all have personal struggle under our umbrella of blackness but unite and support one another. I'm tired of slave mentality.


I cannot believe that human beings can inflict something so vile on another...this must have come from a hand booklet on how to treat these beautiful women....animals would not do such things...we are the worst kind...I have never lived in a country where there were SLAVE!!! But my country has done some shameful things to our indigenous people also...


Mayan limestone lintel, I have been in physical contact with many star races, I come from Andromeda Constellation, all physical worlds come from Andromeda, when I listened to Alex Collier videos, it matches my own experiences, I met a blue race in Uxantun, Guatemala, I also saw them as blue skin and very tall, I call them Lemurians here on earth,,

What I Saw In NYC on Instagram: “Photo by @beholdingeye Here I come to save the daaaaaaay....!!! @flynyon @nyonair=============================== Check out: @dalton922=============================&...