The Coral Island: A Tale of the Pacific Ocean

The Coral Island: A Tale of the Pacific Ocean

Image Credit:  Beyond the commonly known islands like Pulau Langkawi and Pulau Tioman,  Malaysia has a lot more hidden islands that you have probably never heard  of. While Malaysia has in total 878 islands, here’s a list of 10 stunning  islands that you should go before they become commercialized.   1) Pulau Rawa  Rawa island is a coral island off the east coast of Johor, 16km (or 30mins  boat ride) from Mersing Jetty. While it is known for its unspoiled…

10 Beautiful Islands in Malaysia You've Probably Never Heard Of

10 best islands you may not know of in Malaysia: Mersing Jetty islands & Tenggol, not Sabah

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Green Sea Turtle sitting on a colorful coral reef underwater in the ocean by Soren Egeberg Photography, via Shutterstock