"Wood Elf {Male}" from "Arthur Spiderwick's Field Guide to the Fantastical World Around You" illustration by Tony DiTerlizzi.

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Giant Sea Turtle, also called a Leatherback, is the largest of all living turtles. It can easily be differentiated from other modern sea turtles by its lack of a bony shell

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Frilled sharks are notorious for their odd dentition. Approximately 300, three-pointed teeth set into 27 rows fill the mouths of Frilled Sharks. Do the math and you’ll find that every Frilled Shark has about 1000 pointy hooks to grab onto its fishy prey. Primitive maybe, deadly definitely.

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An Allazei is a creature that is human at birth but when they reach a certain age and other conditions are met, they change into half-human half-beast hybrids, the conditions and beast that the Allazei transforms into depends on the nature of the Allazei.

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