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Sitting portrait of the egyptian pharaoh named Khafra or Khafre (Greek Chephren); it was found in Mit Rahina and resides in the Egyptian Museum, in Cairo, Egypt. Fourth dynasty (between 2558 BC and 2532 BC) by JM Benito Alvarez

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♔ Akhenaten Egypt's "heretic" Pharaoh ~ He began a new monotheistic religion centered around the Aten, a non-anthropomorphic sun god.

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Egyptian pharaohs - Royal Headdresses

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Men often wore aprons to cover their genitals from evil spirits not just from physical protection.

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Tomb of Queen Nefertari. Interior of the vestibule within the tomb of Queen Nefertari. At centre is the entrance to a larger room known as the First east side annexe. Nefertari, who lived around 1300-1255 BC, was the first wife of the Egyptian pharaoh Ramses II.

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The mummy head of Ahmose I (During the reign of Ahmose I, laid the foundations for the New Kingdom, under which Egyptian power reached its peak) - Wikipedia

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