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As promised... a hunger games edit the first one out of seven { #thehungergames #catchingfire #mockingjay #mockingjaypart2 #katnisseverdeen #peetamellark #jenniferlawrence #joshhutcherson }

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+ I will always love The Hunger Games — First post of 2017!

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Only the bravest can barely make it out alive<<<<I'm only pinning this because the first thing I thought of was Maximum Ride. I hope I'm not alone.

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11 Signs You're a Diehard 'Hunger Games' Fan

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Which "Hunger Games" Character Are You?

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omg yes. i would also like to see it from Prim's in the first book watching her sister in the hunger games.

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Good question... probably the one where you don't have to stand up to much and strength isn't needed... of course if I were chosen for the Hunger Games I'd be one of the first to die.

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