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Smart haircut - Jane, Clementine and Lee Everett | The Walking Dead (Telltale games)<<< makes me cry

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Sora, Riku, Kairi. Haircut! <---This makes sense by the logic of the games. Long hair on men leads to evil. They're just helping him out. ;) Also hurry up KH3!

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can't wait!!!<<< It looks like he's going to date her...but he IS gay...soooooo, they're just playing with us, yeah...

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NOW THE DWEEB IS CUTTING OFF HIS STUPID PONYTAIL?! Send help. I love this guy way more than is healthy.

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With never a cropped hair out of place, this actress has the short hair game on lock. #iconic #pixiecut #hairstyle #haircut #GinniferGoodwin

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