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Alphonse Gabriel Capone, más conocido como Al Capone o Al Scarface Capone, apodo que recibió debido a la cicatriz que tenía en su cara, provocada por un corte de navaja, fue un famoso gánster.


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Stephanie St. Clair was born in Martinique, an island in the East Caribbean in 1886 and came to the United States via Marseilles, France. In 1912 she arrived in Harlem. She was known for her deep involvement in the seedy gangster underworld. According to those who knew her, she was arrogant, sophist...The Queen Of Harlem's Underworld Of Organized Crime: Madam Stephanie St. Clair, The Inspiration Behind Gotham's Fish Mooney


Frank "Frankie" Foster, also known as Frost. Foster was of Romanian Jewish heritage. He was part of the early Northside mob and later switched to the Capone gang.


On May 23, 1928, Ralph Fleagle, his brother Jake, George J. Abshier, (a.k.a. Bill Messick), and Howard “Heavy” Royston, came in to Lamar, Colorado. They planned to rob the First National Bank, although they got away, shots were fired and men were killed.Their cases were the first ever in which a single fingerprint was part of the evidence leading to a conviction. They were also suspected to have committed a series of previous bank robberies over a 10-year period.

Joseph Zarra aka Joe Z (1929-1994) was a captain in the Genovese family from the Jersey faction. He was part of the Boiardo and later Gerardo crews one time.


Mary Louise Guinan—better known as "Texas" Guinan (1884-1933). Getting her big start in Vaudeville in 1909, Mary drifted into film by 1917. First cast as a vamp, she quickly found her niche as a Western heroine and movie star, cranking out westerns for 6 years. In 1922, tiring of the movies, she made her way to New York where she became an icon of the night club scene, intimate with movie stars, partnering with gangsters, she became so notorious as to be barred from entering England or…

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The Gangster Martini

Gangster Martini: An Italian cocktail made with Tuaca, Amaretto, vodka, & pineapple juice.