Whether you’re looking for healthy, low carb breakfast on the go ideas, need 100 calorie snacks to help you lose weight, or need easy, portable snacks to eat before or after a workout, we’ve got 30 high protein snacks that are not only delicious, but that will keep you feeling full for longer stretches of time.

30 High Protein Snacks for Weight Loss

Cooking-Plan-Grab-and-Go-Breakfasts - FREEZABLE shopping list; cooking tips, etc. from lifeasamom.com

Breakfasts-on-the-Go (FREE Downloadable Freezer Cooking Plan)

Great for taco bars or on-the-go, busy weeknights! Fun, make-ahead, portable tacos! These Taco Cones are healthier than traditional Walking Tacos recipes and even more fun! Our DIY Ta-Cones are full of great taco flavor, but they’re totally portable! Plus, these healthy beef Taco Cones can be prepped ahead for a yummy, make-ahead taco recipe you can rewarm all week, whenever your family is ready to eat! Perfect for Taco Tuesday or taco bar parties & tailgates! {ad}…

DIY Ta-Cones: Fun, Healthy & Portable Taco Cones

7 Days Of Healthy Meal Prep Ideas – Ready To Eat Meals and Protein On The Go Recipes

7 Healthy Meal Prep Ideas - Ready To Eat Meals and Protein On The Go

DIY Tic Tac Toe Game For On The Go #tictacpack

DIY Tic Tac Toe Game For On The Go

Enjoy these healthy breakfast egg muffins for breakfast on the go, or even for a healthy snack!  With 7 different flavors, you will never get bored.  Stock your freezer so you always have healthy options!

Healthy Breakfast Egg Muffins Base

Delicious Make-Ahead Egg Muffins are the perfect breakfast on the go! Cheese & eggs loaded with your favorite toppings are quick & easy and heat in just 30 seconds!

Make Ahead Egg Muffins

Easy Pancake Muffin Bites that are the perfect breakfast on the go and can be customized with any add-ins you'd like! via @foodfunkids

Easy Pancake Muffin Bites

These Broccoli Cheese and Egg Muffins are so easy to make. Just add everything into a muffin tin and bake! This is perfect for breakfast on the go too, since it can be made ahead of time. | http://Tastefulventure.com

Easy Broccoli Cheese and Egg Muffins

I am so excited to show you one of my new patterns, it's called Sew on the Go Bag.  I love to have a...

New Sew on the Go Bag Pattern and Winners! (Cotton Way)