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Daniel Cecere aka Red (1916-1990) was a soldier in the Genovese family, Jersey faction. Pic was taken in 1970 when he and Gyp DeCarlo went to trial on extortion and arsenic poison charges. DeCarlo is seen on Cecere's left. The victim was Louis Saperstein who died Nov. 26, 1968. Both got 12 years in prison but DeCarlo managed to get presidential pardon after 18 months served.


Nick Ferriola son of Joe Ferriola is now a boss of the Chinatown/26th Street Crew.


X marks the spot where Teddy Newberry's body was found by the side of the road in Chesterton, Indiana.

from Mafia Wiki

Goodfellas (Film)

The lives of gangsters telling the misguided loyalties and greed. Breathtaking pics, witty script writing and realistic violence. One of Robert De Niro's best performances.


Very rare pic pic of Genovese mobsters Mike (window), Joseph aka Juju and Ciro Perrone, 1948. The first two were soldiers, the latter became a captain in the 90's.


"You learned the two greatest thing in life: never rat on your friends, and always keep your mouth shut." (Goodfellas)