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The Goths

Anatomy of a CyberGoth, bahahaha love this one. Gotta love Voltaire for this one. I have this book. It's great. What is Goth? By Voltaire

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How to be Pastel Goth - Ultimate Guide

Have you ever wanted to be pastel goth? We'll show you all the steps needed to be one! Pastel goth leggings, t-shirts, kawaii accessories, pastel makeup and much more!

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The goth kids were my favorite on south park.

The speech that blew your mind.

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Plot twist, the goth girl is actually a fairy, but hide it very well. ------- if you guys don't mind I aim on there being more posts like these here because why not

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Excellent contrast in characters. Loads of snark. Fast paced and easy to read in one/two sittings. Left me smiling sort of stupidly in the end. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Cannot wait to read the next one!

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Gothic Maria Amanda, Photographer: Helle Gry, Coat from The Gothic Shop.

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Also worth growing:The Dracula’s kiss iris, and…… the black-currant swirl angel’s trumpet (it’s highly toxic, though, so be careful).

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Black and Red Embroidered Asymmetrical Goth Fashion Dress + Wristband SKU-2345024

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Dark Alternative fashion for those wanting inspiration for an alternative look. *This blog is based...

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Love this pastel grey/lavender hair. Wish it was mine. What she is doing in the woods wearing lace though, is beyond me.

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