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Beautiful portrait of Sally Heming, who was not only the Mother of 6 of Jefferson's children, but ALSO the half sister to Jefferson's white wife! (1773-1835)

Study doubts claims Thomas Jefferson fathered his slave Sally Heming's son.They think that his brother fathered her son.

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Berniece Baker Miracle, Norma Rae Baker or Marilyn Monroe's half-sister.

normajeanemonroe: “ Marilyn’s half sister Berniece Miracle holding a photograph of Marilyn. Berniece is the closest relative to Marilyn that is still alive today. Many fans find her fascinating, given.

I've only had a few, but that's because I mostly spend my money on books and clothes (I don't wear half of the things in my closet and tend to have to wear similar or the same clothes to school every day).

He helped his younger sister light the candle they made. "I told you it would be fun!" He hugged her tightly as she hugged his leg and giggled.