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The irony here is that only these FAKE Caucasian looking statues have their noses intact..I wonder who mutilated Kemet statues? European Egyptologists?

The Lion of Babylon, a 2600 yr-old black basalt statue of a lion trampling a man, and is among the most celebrated archaeological artifacts in the history of modern Mesopotamia since its discovery by local villagers in Iraq in the early 20th century. The irony is that the basalt statue does not seem to be of Mesopotamian or Babylonian origin. Most archaeologists believe that the statue is a leftover from the Hittites' presence in Babylon when they sacked the city in the 2nd millennium BC.


Akagami no shirayuki hime " Snow White with the red hair " Shirayuki giving the poisoned apple to Prince Raji to pay back for Zen Wistalia ♡


The Critical Mythology of Irony (Paperback)

From The Prince of Egypt. Hahahaha this is just better because Moses actually had a speech impediment so his brother, Aaron, was sent to help him speak to Ramses