The Knack - My Sharona (1979) Thought of you Cara!!!! ( Scibona) I can hear Jess singing this to you!!!

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THE KNACK / MY SHARONA (1979) -- Check out the "Super Sensational 70s!!" YouTube Playlist --> #70s #1970s

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Good Girls Don't by THE KNACK ~ This song and album was HUGE in the summer of '79, it also had hits like My Sharona, Frustrated, She's so Selfish and others... This must be the clean version. If you know this song you'll pick up on it towards the end, they say it twice. The second album was no where near as successful as this one...oh well ENJOY !

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"My Sharona" is the debut single by The Knack. The song was released in 1979 from their album 'Get the Knack'. It reached no.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart where it remained for six weeks, and was no.1 on their Top Pop Singles year-end chart.

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♥ The Knack - My Sharona my jam when i'm mowing the lawns and doing the dishes sliding around on the wood floor :-) DON'T HATE :p

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The Knack - My Sharona (live 80) Reminds me of my best friend in 9th grade

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The Knack - My Sharona, Because after that post about Reality Bites last night, this has been playing in my head again like it did 22 years ago. :p

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