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35-year-old Ava Andrews' dream job is interrupted by an unusual request--fulfill her 84-year-old grandfather's last wish by joining him on a battle site tour of Europe. Ava is sure her boss will refuse her request. But, instead, he gives her a directive of his own--to videotape the tour and send it back as mini-segments for the show she produces.

Howards End: An Ivy-Covered Cottage in the Country

Scene from "Howards End" Dialogue of Henry Wilcox "Ruth’s last wish when she dies is scribbled on a piece of scrap paper on her death bed: Howards End should go to her new friend, Miss Margaret Schlegel." Her husband Henry and children are understandably baffled by this request, and a little angry. " Why would she leave the house to someone outside the family?" Her daughter Evie rips the paper up and tosses it into the fire.

The Last Wish: Introducing The Witcher by Andrzej Sapkowski,

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The last wishes of Alexander The Great

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Andrzej Sapkowski - The Last Wish.jpg This collection features a short story called "A Grain of Truth," which is an adaptation of Beauty and the Beast

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An illustration of the four elemental bending styles in the world of The Last Avatar

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Today's Kindle SciFi/Fantasy Daily Deal is The Last Wish ($1.99), by Andrzej Sapkowski [Orbit/Hachette]. This is a short story collection that predates The Witcher series (rather than the more common later released prequel we usually see these days), which properly starts with Blood of Elves, which was featured here a little over a year ago.

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