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Give me a ticket for an aeroplane... The Box Tops - The Letter (Upbeat 1967)

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The Box Tops - The Letter ~ Yep... here's another #1 Smash from the Summer of '67, this is just the beginning !

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Find the Letter Q: Five Little Ducks

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Download this song for FREE → "The Letter P" brings the 16th letter of the alphabet to life, and is part of the StoryBots ABC Jamboree Series (from the team that brings you JibJab with music by Parry Gripp). The StoryBots celebrate how perfect the letter "P" is, and sing about paint, plum trees, and pasta! Lyrics: Stor...

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heart 10 "The Letter A Song" (See below for lyrics) Hooray for the letter A! This original animated video from features a s...

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Traditional children's music is defined by catchy lyrics, fun imagery, and a simple melody that is easy for children to sing along with. Alliteration—the use of words with the same sound at their beginnings—is a feature of many traditional children's songs. In The "Letter H Song" from, alliteration is used as a teaching tool to reinforce recognition of the sound of the letter H. Watch and sing along to this infectious song! #phonics #hippo #haha #H #alphabetsongs #ABCmouse

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Wall art – 20 ways to Mod Podge canvas

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