Places you really haven't been, things you really haven't done, stretching the little bit of truth to a story, in love when the love is lost. Actions prove they haven't changed, they just found new ways to lie.

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The Lie Monster - A Free Printable Story Aid | Mormon Mommy Printables. teaching your children not to lie with this story and cut out! ha ha! I love it! This website is incredible!!!

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People may lie to get what they want or to evade responsibility, but lying is also a method of manufacturing and upholding a sense of superiority. See also: The Skilled Liar, Liars, 14 Psychopathic...

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I rather you wound me with the truth, than obliterate me with your lies. Plus you lie to me we are trust with you is shot. Remember this, truth always no matter how painful.

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When I could see the LIES and that he was a cheater all along... WHAT a piece of crap... Just a FAKE and a LIAR and a CHEAT who uses women...

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He's lying! He might love the things you can do for him but he's lying about oh so many both of you

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Lies kill: - Relationships with friends, family, spouses and God.. - Character - You eventually believe the lie, defend the lie and in the end the lie kills you or someone you love or your family... - The truth and what is right in front of you And that is what is real...

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