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In memoriam: Stars we lost in 2011

James Arness, best known for playing Marshal Matt Dillon on the long-running television series "Gunsmoke," died on June 3, 2011, at the age of 88.

The king of blues BB King has passed away. He will always be one of the best guitarists to ever live. Long live the king.

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This Might Be The Trippiest Life Form On The Planet

The gorgeous king ragworm is a skilled hunter found in the northern hemisphere. The worm, which can grow over 120 cm long, also uses chemical signals to judge the risk of predation in the area. -sciencealert

Crow King: For the duration of the battle of Little Bighorn, Crow King and his band of eighty warriors attacked Custer from the south, allowing Crazy Horse and Gall to surround the 7th Cavalry. Crow King died in 4-5-1884, cause of death - "quick consumption" from a long lasting cold and received the rites and sacraments of the Catholic church. Location of his burial is unknown. Source: Wikipedia


Pink Fairy Armadillo - Little, Pink, Armored Fairies

The pink fairy armadillo (Chlamyphorus truncatus) which is also known as the Pichiciego is the smallest species of armadillo known.

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Community Post: 19 Ways Jerboas Will Instantly Win Your Heart

Long-Eared Jerboa is a tiny jumping Mongolian rodent which lives in the Gobi Desert whose legs are adapted for running like a kangaroo and is easily recognized by ears which are about a third bigger than its head. #Jerboa #Mongolia #Rodent

Long-eared jerboa: This tiny rodent was first caught on film in 2007. They live in parts of China and Mongolia, and it's believed that their ears help them cool off in the desert.