The Lost Weekend, 1945 - directed by Billy Wilder, starring Ray Milland & Jane Wyman

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Pocket Watch Clock, New York City, New York - this 17-foot-tall clock dates from 1898, and in 1945 played a part in the The Lost Weekend, providing support for a boozed-up Ray Milland to steady himself.

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British actor and director Ray Milland (1905-1986) had a screen career that ran from 1929 to 1985. He appeared in many Hollywood movies as the archetypal, unflappable British gentleman. Milland is best remembered for his gut-wrenching, Academy Award–winning portrayal of an alcoholic writer in The Lost Weekend (1945), the murder-plotting husband in Dial M for Murder (1954), and as Oliver Barrett III in Love Story (1970).

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The 18th Academy Awards | Oscar Legacy | Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences 1945 Best Actor Ray Milland for Lost Weekend

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In increments,: a muffled sound off to the side, a rustle in the bushes, a diverging path, a cool wind across the cheek, the wanning of daylight, a sense of shelter just beyond the turn, a melting away into a dream unrecognizable for the placid nightmare that it was...

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(1945) ~ Ray Milland, Jane Wyman, Phillip Terry. Director: Billy Wilder. IMDB: 8.1 ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________

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I’m officially lost in wonderland; I’ve come to the mad hatter’s tea party and I’m more confused than ever. The bf is sitting beside me and is also lost. He’s not leaving my side despite the agreement that we would tackle wonderland on our own (brake up). This gives me hope that he may make it out with me, but he’s always been very good with his words. This weekend we went further down the rabbit hole than ever before and managed to make a stronger connection.

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