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Arts & Crafts Time with Neenod (2). Somebody left a mess.


toothpaste kisses- this is going to be my first dance song!


Reno Gazette-Journal, 17 Aug 1912, Sat, Main Edition Mary Buncel attends card party of the Macabees

Reno Gazette-Journal, 5 Feb 1910, Sat, Main Edition Mary Buncel invites Ladies of the Macabees to her home on Lake Street

The Macabees. Pelican is one kickass song. You have to, have to listen to these guys

from Etsy

Fraternal Antique Mourning / Funeral Regalia -Double Sided - High Ranking Member - The Knights of The Macabees - Rare

This highly elaborate double – sided ribbon / medal is a rare piece of fraternal regalia from the Edwardian era. Circa early late 1800’s or early 1900’s, this is a mourning ribbon typically worn at funerals and during the mourning period. The ribbon is double sided, with red, white and black striping on the front, and text embossed in silver reading “Select Tent No. 90, K.O.T.M. Red Lake Falls Minn.” The acronym stands for Knights of The Maccabees – a fraternal order / secret society. The reverse is a separate ribbon of deep black fabric with matching silver text. Embossed in silver tone on the top of the reverse is “ The Whitehead and Hoag Co., Newark” Inbetween the two ribbons is the original manufactures advertisement on paper with the latest patent date being 1896! The piece in in overall excellent vintage condition, with some burnishing to the silver plated components, and minor creased on the ribbons that could be carfully ironed out. Printed on an ornate bar at the top of the ribbon is “Lieut. Commander”. The bar is celluloid with a metal border, a copper backing, and a fully functional pin on the reverse. The Lieutenant Commander was very close to the top of the ranking structure in the organization. Hanging from the celluloid name bar is a worn silver plated metal star design with the letters “LC” (Lieutenant Commander). The bottom of the ribbon is secured with an ornate double sided silver plated piece. Connected to this is a beautiful double sided celluloid disc. The front side is printed in bright colors with a pink tent on grass, with lattitude / longitude lines in the background, and a fraternal insignia on either side of the tent. The bacside of the disc is in black and white with the statement “In Memoriam” in Victorian font, with floral branch designs encircling the text. The celluloid disc has a silver tone bevel around the edges. Overall size is over 6 ½” long x 2 ½” wide! The silver text on the ribbons is full, and vibrant, and the ribbons themselves are clean and in excellent vintage condition with no fraying or damage to report. This rare piece of fraternal history is the only one of its kind I have ever seen! International shipping is available – Please contact me for a quote :) Thanks for looking, and if you have any questions or would like to see additional pictures of any item, don’t hesitate to contact me.


The Temple Menora and the Last Coins of the Macabees - Get three of these amazing coins free when you subscribe to Galilee Green Olive Oil... click for info


Ancient Olive Press near the Macabees Town - Very near the ancient village of Modiin, home of the Macabees of the Chanukah story, is the modern Israeli town of Modiin Illit...

two miracles of Jewish history; the victory of the Macabees against the Greeks, symbolized by the Menorah, and the founding of the State of Israel, with an Israeli flag flying high in Jerusalem.