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Reading literature interactive notebook for grades 6-9. Perfect for any novel or short story throughout the entire semester. $

Reading Literature Interactive Notebook: Grades 6-9

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Bullet Journaling for Fiction Writers

Picture this: a magical notebook that collects your lists of character names, rough draft progress meters, and memorable feedback from readers all in one place. Imagine being able to organize it and add new things as you go, without needing to allocate perfectly spaced sections ahead of time. There’s even a special page that helps you find whatever you’re looking for in seconds. Click the pin to read more about the magic of bullet journaling for writers! // Something Delicious

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Not good enough.

"What do you want to hear? Do you want to hear that I'm a failure, that I could never, ever impress anyone? Everyone considered me nothing more then a nerdy failure, is that what you wanted to hear?" She questioned the hero brokenly, and Lightning stared back impassively, hiding all her emotions behind the poker faced mask. The villain sighed defeated. "Whatever take me in I don't even care anymore."

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The outsiders novel study literature guide flip book

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Number the Stars Novel Study & Enrichment Projects Menu

No-prep standards based "Number the Stars" interactive notebook complete unit with follow-up reading response activities for every chapter as well as enrichment projects! Easy engaging way to use this award winning novel by Lois Lowry in your classroom while encouraging critical reading skills. Everything you need to use this novel in your classroom effectively is included with this resource. This interactive notebook includes activities and vocabulary for every chapter of the book. $

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The Outsiders: Reading and Writing Interactive Notebook Foldable

Looking for a new way for your students to review significant elements in a novel? There are four different types of foldables included in this file which will be used to reflect a variety of important elements within S.E. Hinton's popular novel, The Outsiders.

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Novel in a Month Notebook

You can do #NaNoWriMo any month of the year! Check out this nifty notebook to help you write your next novel in a month! #writingtips

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Scraps of writing notes for characters, plots, and miscellaneous ideas have a way of building up into a mountain. Take a day to go through them and pare the ideas and notes down to what's still important and relevant. For more tips on decluttering and organizing your writing paraphernalia, check out the ebook Decluttering for Writers by clicking the pin!

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Digital Reader's Notebook for Any Novel GOOGLE EDITION

This resource changed my book clubs! If you are a 1:1 classroom or even have access to a number of devices, you may LOVE to use the flexibility of technology when planning YOUR next book clubs! Check it out and see!

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Frindle by Andrew Clements Novel Study

My Frindle packet is freshly updated!!! My novel study for the book Frindle by Andrew Clements is now 75-pages, chocked-full of interactive notebook foldables, reading comprehension questions, engaging graphic organizers, and creative writing prompts that will enrich your study of this classic book $6

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