Pin for Later: 15 Times Regina and Robin Hood Stole Our Hearts on Once Upon a Time.

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#OutlawQueen I love the way Robin looks at Regina <3 He's so into her ;)

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Outlaw Queen... I love the way Regina looks at Robin. Pixie dust is never wrong.

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Tony Bennett - The Way You Look Tonight ~ Beautiful song to dance to with someone you love. Memories of days gone by ♡

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Clint Eastwood, He da man, " Dyin"s easy, it's livin that's hard"," There's iron in you're words" Josey Wales.

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Wolverine~Old School the way he should be~Before Hollywood needed to show the stars face to make ticket sales~

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"You knew I was a thief when you met me." Robin and Regina - 4 * 8 "Smash the Mirror" #OutlawQueen

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