(tutorial) Turn the background of overlapping shapes transparent using the Pathfinder’s Trim option

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The Pathfinder: How to Choose or Change Your Career for a Lifetime of Satisfaction and Success (Touchstone Books)

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Blacked Out Nissan Pathfinder Past truck of the month. #Pathfinder #offroad #Nissan

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SURNAME STARTS with "V" - The Genealogy Register sits atop the shelves holding the REF GEN (Reference Genealogy) books. Persons visiting the Library to do genealogy research often leave their names and contact information for future visitors to make contact. The Library's Vertical File holds family folders with information collected from a variety of sources. The Family Names list also appears in the PATHFINDER developed for Local History.

All right, ladies (and non-binary folks!): real talk time. We currently have zero female developers or designers on the Pathfinder RPG staff. (I know, right?) EDIT: I made a big stupid mistake. We DO have a female designer, the awesome Tanis O’Connor, on the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. We don’t have any female designers on the RPG. Sorry, Tanis. *blush* But we have an opportunity to change that. We’re hiring a new developer. A developer is basically the movie director ...

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