Advice for youth exhibitors on how and where to purchase a project pig and what they should look for to achieve success in a swine show by Nicholas Myers, Timothy T. Marshall, William R. Walker, David L. Prichard, Bill Heltemes, Chris Decubellis, Brian Estevez, Saundra H. TenBroeck and Chad Carr for the University of Florida Extension Service.

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Hog Anatomy - Reproductive (Very cool website called the - Everything you could ever imagine that has to do with hogs)

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Vintage toy patterns on this site, the pig is included. Tons of care bears and old patterns. Just lovely share xox

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Managing Pig Health and Treating Pig Dieases on - The Pig Site

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Virtual Walking the Pens - Walk The Pens Simulation Game - By Zoetis Animal Health - The Pig Site

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Weighing a Pig Without a Scale. Use a fabric tape to measure the heart girth and the length. Square the heart girth, multiply that by the length, and divide by 400. Easy Peasy!

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